TLC Pet Salon’s staff of qualified and caring groomers have many years of experience grooming all breeds, coat types and sized of pets. They understand that all pets have different personalities and temperaments, the staff is experienced in dealing with those unique personalities and is capable of catering to all moods in an effort to keep the visit as low-stress as possible. TLC Pet Salon offers a clean and friendly environment to make it a pleasurable experience for both you and your pet.



Ingrid – Graduated from Central Florida School Of Dog Grooming in 2003. She then worked at Groomingdale’s in Longwood before joining the team at TLC Pet Salon in 2006. She is a superior groomer of all breeds and excels in Poodle and Wheaton Terriers.

Lizzette – She has worked with animals for many years. She has worked on many horse farms and has worked at a Veteranery Clinic. She teaches horseback riding in her spare time. She joined TLC Pet Salon in 2011 as a bather, and now she bathes, works the front reception desk and is learning to groom dogs and cats.

All of TLC Pet Salons’ employees have worked together for many years and have provide a great atmosphere for the company to provide your pet with the best service possible. Groomers attend various trade shows and seminars to keep up with the newest aspects of the pet grooming business.